Mural Painting / Illusionistic Painting

The most popular kind of wall painting is Trompe l'oeil. The French term literally means "deceive the eye" (tromper = deceive, l'oeil = eye).
In Germany it is called “painted illusion”.

Trompe l'oeil painting means that the viewer takes the painting for real – resp. may do so.  The "perfect illusion" does not exist, and it is not sought. Everyone is aware of that the Mediterranean cannot be seen from an apartment in Frankfurt even though it seems to be so. The power of images and the suggestive power of their perspective effect, that is what Trompe-l'oeil is. Illusions are so strong that they change the entire feeling for space and emanate the illusion of a different reality. That is the attraction! Trompe-l'oeil paintings cheat with the perception and the realism of the beholder. That is how they create viewy moods and atmospheres and invite to dream, to enjoy, to represent.

Sometimes just practical considerations are the very fore: For windowless rooms or rooms with poor proportions, the Trompe-l'oeil could be the last resort!

The four different art forms of Trompe-l’oeil painting.

Panoramic Paintings

The Pinnacle: With an omnidirectional painting we reinterpret the room, change the feel the room has and place the observer in a dream like surrounding.

Views and Perspective

With brush and colour we “open up” the wall, so that view and perception may wonder through wide open spaces which go far beyond the physical restrictions set by the building.

Grisaille (grey painting)

Grey Painting is the art of creating a three dimensional relief through the usage of different tones of one basic colour.

Imitation of Material

"Faux finish" includes marbling and graining (depicting marble and wood), imitating sandstone, textiles, leather, channeled sheet and every other material you could possibly think of.

More than painted illusion: Diversity in design from antique to Zeitgeist.

Alongside the classic Trompe-l’oeil we also do paintings in several other styles: Pompeian Frescos, cloud sceneries on ceilings, decorative details, and abstract Colour-Form compositions. Have a look through our exemplary pictures and look forward to new ideas which we could develop together!

On the Ceiling

The formerly white ceiling opens up to an infinite view of the sky. Our ceiling paintings convey generosity and depth of field.


The charm of patinated walls, which could very well be from the times of the old Rome or Pompeii.


Following the motto of “Small paintings-Big effects” we create stylish eye catchers in any environment!


Every home builder has individual ideas of their own. Ask for the unconventional and get the never before seen!

Ideas, design and execution

What colours do we use? What materials are best suited?
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Material and technique

Here you can find information about the materials used, the surfaces, the longevity of a mural painting and how to best clean it.

How much is a Mural Painting?

“I imagine one of your murals is very expensive..” Convince yourself of the contrary!

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Why us?

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