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So who can take part?

The academy is aimed at people with creative talent, who want to educate themselves independently. Age or profession do not play a role. The only things we ask for are : Sensitivity when handling colours, a little bit of practise in painting, sketching and colour mixing.

The training is especially interesting for people, who already work as interior designers or architects or as a painter or plasterer, and who wish to include mural painting in the services they can offer to clients. Very often an already existing client stock will be of good use in such a case.

People working in other jobs appreciate the training because they can find a second foothold in this professions. In the course of the training you will learn how to do mural painting less under the aspect of it being a hobby, but rather it being a creative service you can offer to clients.

Visual artists looking for new areas and marketing strategies get impulses to produce according to the market and the supply and demand theorem.

Of course it is not possible to convey all the ins and outs of figurative painting within 31 days. This is why, alongside a healthy interest in the matter, certain experience in the field is also required, no matter in what style that experience has been made or which material was used. The centre of the whole training is the planing and design of illusionistic mural paintings and the graphical representation of characteristic themes. We will use acrylic colours on canvas or fleece wallpapers during the seminars; for special techniques we will create sample sheets.

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