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How much is a mural?

The price of illusion painting is calculated from its dimensions and the intricacy of the painting. A picture viewed from a long distance requires less details than one which is shown more closely and at eye level. An order for the complete painting on a huge wall surface can be carried out at a more economic price per square meter than a smaller and more detailed painting. According to this Atelier Benad offers mural paintings from 400,- € up to 1.000,- € per sqm. plus VAT.
Unfortunately we are unable to name exact prices per square metre that are more exact than the prices stated above. The exact wishes of the client commissioning the work, as well as the complexity of the work that is to be carried out are all factors that have to be taken into consideration when deciding on an exact price. If, for example, the client commissions a finely detailed architectural construction, the price of such a set piece of work would go beyond the formerly named prices. If, on the other hand, the client wishes a “simple” sky painting on a larger scale, without any modelled cloud plastics and without colour modulation between painted horizon and the middle of the sky, the price could go below the formerly named numbers.
The price for a blueprint of a wallpainting is about 10% of the total cost: Depending on the size and complexity of the project , the price will variate.
For work done in the Munich area we calculate travel costs of around 20,- to 50,- € a day. If the site is further away we will make individual arrangements, although we usually only partially bill the travel cost in such a case. If the circumstances require it, there may be additional accommodation cost, although we are also open to suggestions from the client regarding accommodation.

Fixed price or per working hour?

We offer mural paintings at a previously fixed price. We create a quote based on the estimated amount of hours needed for the work, the cost of material, travel costs and other additional costs. Of course we also offer to calculate our work based on a price per hour. For example in the case of repairs, consultations and creative services, which can be requested depending on demand. Our hourly rate is 62,50€ plus 19% VAT.
The transfer of the copyright on any of our paintings, should it go beyond the use of interior design, must be communicated and paid for separately, after prior agreement.
Of course our paintings do not require an additional agreement should they be located in hotels, restaurants, law offices, clinics or in practices, provided that they only serve the purpose of self promotion for the respective establishment.

Price comparison

When comparing offers it is important to examine what service is carried out and in what quality that service is being carried out.  Simply comparing prices per square metre between one studio and another without comparing their actual quality of work is pointless. In fact, what is the point of paying only 250€ per square metre for a painting which looks “ok” in a best case scenario, but may be defective or doesn’t cater to a clients actual idea, or, even worse, is ridiculed by an observer with a trained eye.
More than once we were called out as “troubleshooters” to repair or replace the badly done work of another studio; even very recent large scale paintings.