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Farbe mobil for private houses and business premises

Improve the quality of  your stay in rooms, the functionality and the atmosphere by using paintings and flexible colour fields

Learn to create a concept and how to execute it!

The 5 day seminar takes place on two weekends. Inbetween those weekends participants will be given homework to be completed by the second seminar.

The "Farbe mobil" training trains committed painters and artists under the name Farbe-mobil® to independently provide consultation, to be able to sell and to produce. The seminar provides a license to use the name for 2 years.

5 days in a rush of colours ...
Every participant will produce several Farbe-mobil series and objects in different formats and sizes, all under the supervision of Ursula and Martin Benad. These objects may then be used by the participants for own consultations, presentations or they may be sold to customers directly. All material will be provided and is included in the seminar price.
The objects created in the course of the seminar are meant to represent a spectrum of proven painting techniques, picture themes and designs. In this way participants produce their own samples to be used for consultations with customers, which of course also showcase their own artistic ability.

Glazing and filling techniques
- Colour series in glazing technique (Height 90 cm)
- Farbe-mobil® structured filling techniques on canvas (ca. 2m x 1,4m)
- Energy field with Affirmation/Typography (ca. 95 cm x 140 cm)

Artistic painting
- Nature atmosphere Park-Motive
- Beach- or Sea themes (ca. 95 x 120 cm)
- possibly: Ceiling sky on canvas

Contents of theoretical training
- how do I develop a suitable Farbe mobil-concept?
- Farbe-mobil Marketing
- Cognitive psychology: concrete and intuitive perception
- Farbe-mobil and different functions of a room

- Two training weekends (Friday-Sunday and Saturda/Sunday), totalling 5 days
- Farbe-mobil-License for 2 years
- Training material
- Material for all paintings created in the course of the seminar

Conditions for taking part in the seminar
All techniques taught in the seminar will be explained in a step by step manner and practically applied. It is therefore not necessary to be an experienced artistic painter (it wouldn’t be a disadvantage, of course).
The only thing required is an active interest in the topic Colour and experience with interior design in respect to colour design and decoration.

The time between the two weekends where the seminars are held will be used by the participants to complete homework, which is prerequisite to receiving the certificate.

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