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Antique Pompeian garden motifs

The detailed figurative representation of nature in the antique Rome and Pompeii still fascinates us nearly 2000 years after it’s creation.
In the course of the seminar we will create copies of the details found in the fresco at the Triclinium of the “house with the golden bracelet” (Pompeii) or from the Villa di Livia (Rome). Both paintings are amongst the most beautiful and best kept artistic representations of gardens from that time and have been reproduced millions of times over the years.
In a combination of free style painting and stencil technique we will layer leaf motifs in several layers and colour nuances above each other and create a special “depth-effect”. By using acrylic colours the painting can be completed in a weekend; the necessary fresco-patina will not be lacking either: The canvases have been primed in a structured manner and the additional matting of the colours with pigment powders give the paintings an authentically antique air!

Cost (2017/2018): 360,- € + 19% VAT (=68,40 €), totalling: 428,40 €
in bulk 10%:  324 € + VAT. (61,56) = 385,56 €
in bulk 20%: 288 € + VAT. (54,72) = 342,72 €

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