We transform rooms through painting and colours.

Since 1996 Ursula and Martin Benad own their studio for Mural Paintings and Colour Planing based in Munich, Germany. However, they do not only work in the wider area surrounding Munich but all across Germany and also internationally. Ursula Benad, who is mainly responsible for Mural Paintings, was commissioned for several paintings for private and business customers. Her sensitively nuanced Trompe-l’oeil Paintings (in German: painted illusion), take the beholder of the paintings into imaginary times and spaces. Martin Benad develops colour- and material-concepts for the interior-zone and creates lively city paintings through emphasis on colour perception, especially for outside spaces

We teach and train!

“Within a period of 18 years we wrote 17 books and published several articles, through which we have become well known to a wide audience. We trained several thousand people in seminars to improve and refine their artistic ability. We pass our knowledge on to painters, artists and interested amateurs, who wish to make Mural Painting their profession,  through our “Academy for Mural Painting.”

Mural Painting

Transform rooms and spaces through mural paintings; stylish, individual and professional

Colour Design Interior

Finely nuanced colour moods for more living quality and optimal use of space

Colours of Architecture

The facade of your home is like it’s business card. With every colour you send a message!

Farbe mobil

Flexible colour composition for more atmospheric business and private rooms.

Academy for Mural Painting

Become a professional Mural Painter! Our training will support you in this endeavour. Seminars.

Further Training

Mural Painting and colour composition: Choose from over 20 seminars!

Seminar updates

Tuscan landscapes (16.-18. as well as 23.-25.6.2017) IN MUNICH

Introduction into landscape painting

Grey tone painting (1.- 3. as well as 8.-10. Sept. 2017) IN MUNICH

Three dimensional reliefs made from light and shadow

Sky and Sea (23./24. September 2017) IN SOLINGEN

Perfectly depict the dynamics of waves and water

Current Projects (German version)

M. Benad: Lecture in Dresden

at "11. Dresdner Farbenforum"

Academy: Final exams

7 students got their diploma in May 2017

Coloured architecture

in Eichenau near Munich

Did you know…

…that you can hire our studio temporaryly?

110 square metres plus an annex and parking in a perfect location for seminars, exhibitions, lectures or parties.

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