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Pompeian ornaments

Small pieces of art with antique character (fresco style)

Seminar description

Every participant will create three paintings in the format of 60cm x 70cm:
 - Floral ornament in classic-pompeian colour mood
 - Fresco imitation (filling technique) with weathered chalice motifs.
 - Garlands with fruit
The three pictures are more than just a reference: With their roman-antique flair and special colours they could easily become the eye catcher of any room. This especially applies to the fresco-imitation showing a weathered chalice, painted on a pre-filled base.
With the help of multilayered stencil we create a garland (Feston) on a structured, antique looking base.
Furthermore the participants will create a floral ornament in a typical Pompeian colour triad: Pompeian Red, Ochre Yellow, Jade Green.

All material and tools will be provided in good quality and quantity.
It is not necessary to bring your own tools, we do however recommend bringing an apron or something of the kind, that can take a splash of colour here and there without causing harm.

Cost: 360,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=68,40 €), totalling: 428,40 €
in bulk 10%:  324 € + VAT. (61,56) = 385,56 €
in bulk 20%: 288 € + VAT. (54,72) = 342,72 €

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