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Crash Course Trompe-l óeil

6 day crash course for ambitious beginners

date: We, 11. May - Monday, 16. May 2016
cost: 900,- + 19% VAT (171,60), totalling 1.071,- €
There are no reductions for bulk bookings for this seminar.

If you plan to paint a large trompe-l´oeil, this seminar will save you a lot of time!We have experienced professionals providing supervision and advice, to avoid typical mistakes made whilst planning such a painting, to paint rationally and how to create an impressive effect on the room the painting will eventually be featured in. Ursula Benad will show you what to look out for during the composition and design phase of the whole process. With the help of a perspective grid, certain elements of the painting will be constructed in an exact fashion. Practical transfer- and painting techniques will be applied during the creation of each participant’s own canvas painting with the size of approx. 2 1/2 sqm. It will show a view of the sea from a raised terrace, with drapes in the foreground, acacias and a perspective view of a row of pillars. Ursula Benad will support you in every step with plenty of suggestions and examples along the way. All material and tools will be provided in good quality and quantity. It is not necessary to bring your own tools, we do however recommend bringing an apron or something of the kind. After the seminar the painting will be taken out of the frame and can be taken home as a scriptum (length approx 1,4m).

Theory: Composition, construction on a perspective grid, designing, transfer- and painting techniques, colour moods etc.
Practical part: Every participant will create a 2,6 sqm. painting on canvas.
Themes: View of the sky from a raised terrace, acacias, perspective view of row of pillars and further classic Trompe-l’oeil elements

Conditions for taking part in the seminar
Before taking part in the “Intensive course: illusion painting” you should have some experience in drawing/sketching and mixing colours, and you should have completed at least one seminar in studio Benad (for example Sky and Sea). It is not necessary to show a portfolio and you don’t necessarily have to be a genius, to be able to work self sufficiently in the course of the seminar. The composition of the painting will be set by us and should be followed so that we can guarantee a systematic organisation of the whole seminar. All elements of the paintings are “secured” through templates, making sure that participants don’t have to design and develop every small detail of their paintings.
If you already have some experience in painting, this seminar will be a little easier to complete for you and you will achieve more refined results. However, participants without much practice will also achieve remarkable results!

cost: 940,- + 19% VAT (178,60), totalling 1.118,60 €
There are no reductions for bulk bookings for this seminar.

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