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Advice on colour for your living space!

- you are renovation a room or a flat and get the impression that the old colours don’t work for you anymore?
- if you’re building on designing a new house you may be looking for ideas !
- or you already know exactly what you want, but are not entirely certain on what it will look like in its final form ?
Why do it all on your own? The expertise of an external consultant who thinks creatively can work real wonders!

Sometimes there are already a few pre-prepared designs, but the parties involved can’t decide which colour is the most suitable one!
Of course we also offer help in such cases: Wo moderate the different aspects with expert knowledge and find solutions together with you, that cater to everyone’s needs. An external party to a discussion can work real wonders and find ways out of apparently dead end situations.
So there are many reasons to get into contact with us to make your colour decisions with the aid of expert knowledge, experience, empathy, style and technical knowledge.

We calculate an hourly price for consulting services. After you described your situation to us, we will come to an agreement over the extent of our services for you and calculate a budget. Picking up the phone is of course free, we will not charge you for initial phone calls. It is therefore easy and without obligation if you give us a ring!
We also happily answer “small questions”. Every colour decision for you living space, even if it’s only one wall you wish to paint, can have a huge effect on your wellbeing.

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