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Park Scenery with Statue

Picturesque parks with weathered statues:
Highlights of the classic Trompe-l’oeil

Gardens and parks are the big intermediaries between architecture and nature, and a solid part of classic Trompe-l’oeil mural painting. The representation of parks and gardens in paintings, conveys a natural daintiness, but at the same time also an element of culture and tradition, which finds itself best expressed as a stone plastic relief.
Whether its dainty, monumental or dreamy, whether its baroque or classicism - different themes are always reflect in the statue, according to the clients wishes. Weathered sculptures are extremely popular, with their fairy tale like charm, and their sometimes enchanted charisma. They usually represent the foreground of the whole picture, whereas trees and the almost impressionistic play of light and shade on the gras complete said picture by representing the background. The view of the beholder swings back and fourth between the gardens and the statue, creating depth in the entire picture by doing so.

Create a large format painting of a park with a statue in this seminar (70cm x 100cm) and continue a long tradition of figurative painting!

Cost: 495,- €, zzgl. 19% VAT (94,05), totalling 589,05€
in bulk 10%: 445,50 € + MwSt. (84,65) = 530,15 €
in bulk 20%: 396 € + MwSt. (75,24) = 471,24 €

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