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Farbe-mobil® in healthcare

Waiting rooms

Their colour corresponding with the floor and the inventory, the pictures in this waiting area present themselves well in this doctors practice (Göttingen, Picture 1 and 3) and this orthopaedics surgery (Berlin, Picture 2). Style and mood of the paintings were developed individually in correspondence with the Drs. wishes.

The organic nature of this abstract painting for the waiting room of a GP’s practice in Munich is a hit with the patients.

Consultation and treatment rooms

The design of the consultation rooms at the Endocrinology centre in Göttingen give off an air of lightness and ease in movement. While details taken from impressionistic paintings invite you to dream, details of expressionistic paintings -corresponding with the colour tone- stimulate.
The consultation room at a Munich internists practice spreads seriousness and concentration through the night sky.

Hospital hallways

In this hospital in Göttingen a whole department was equipped with Farbe-mobil® and correspond well with colours of the region! This is due to the fact that the colour tone of the glazed colour plates include sceneries from the city of Göttingen.

At the neurological rehabilitation centre Beelitz-Heilstätten, lively arrows point the way. Apart from pointing in the right direction, the sympathetic canvas pictures also stimulate the motor function. Of course this is part of the deeper sense of such a hospital, that wishes to get their patients “back up to speed”.


Wall painting (treatment room 1): A calming colour composition, that underlines the horizontal position of the patient. This Farbe mobil® painting is called “stille” (quiet), that is supposed to remind the observer of an evening by the seaside. The world seems to be wrapped in cotton, and everything stressful seems far away.
Ceiling sky (treatment room 2): Let your eyes wonder, be relaxed and take your mind off the imminent treatment… All made easy by a dreamlike sunny ceiling sky, pervaded by flamboyant twigs with red blossoms.