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Why the academy?

Every person has their own motivation, why he or she wishes to undergo further training or to educate themselves further and to make more of their own abilities. The aspects summarised on this page are meant to serve as some inspiration!

1. A continuous process, during which your skills will improve!
During the training you will be confronted with mural paintings over the course of one and a half years. Regular theoretical and practical training with feedback is far more effective than the sporadic attendance of random seminars. You will enter a process that will improve your skills!

2. Individual supervision!
Use your time with us to practise and ask questions! Ursula Benad will personally talk to you about your work, your technique, your strengths, your chances, and she will show you how to improve. This is not a chance you will get every day!

3. Profit from the experience of your teachers!
Ursula Benad, who supervises the painting lessons, is and has been highly successful in her field for the past 20 years. She has personally completed several representative projects. Her and her husbands are well regarded in their field, not least because of their 17 time authorship of books on the matter. Together, they have trained thousands of people in their seminars and developed effective teaching methods along the line. The class of 2015 will start in October and will be the 10th class of the academy for mural painting : The course of the seminars and contents taught to participants have been optimised and developed continuously over the course of the years.

4. Exclusive Contents
Several seminars are exclusively offered as part of the academy course: They are not part of the seminar program which is publicly available and may be attended sporadically. Specifically the seminars “Perspective in mural painting” and “marketing for mural painters”, as well as the topics night sky, large damast-drapes, and others, will give participants in the academy a significant advantage in knowledge over other seminar participants.

5. Reduced seminar prices
The average daily price for participants going through the whole training process is 129,- € (plus VAT of 19% ). In comparison: Individual bookings cost 165,- € per day (plus VAT).

6. Make yourself marketable as an artist.
The versatile projects carried out by you over the course of 1 1/2 years serve as references: on your website, in your brochures, or your presentation folders, and when you talk to customers. You will receive input on how to design your own “appearance” in our marketing seminars. You don’t paint to lock the paintings away in a drawer, but rather to please others with your work!
7. Diploma
Successful participants will receive a diploma from the academy for mural painting. Even though this is not an officially recognised degree or academic title, it still documents your commitment and the successful completion of the course!erfolgreiche Teilnahme wird durch ein Diplom der Akademie für Wandmalerei bescheinigt. Zwar wird mit dem Diplom kein staatlich anerkannter Ausbildungsgrad oder Titel erworben, gleichwohl dokumentiert es Ihr Engagement und den erfolgreichen Abschluss der Ausbildung.