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Marketing for mural artists

Probably the shortest definition given of marketing is “Market orientated corporate management”. Artists usually find it hard to identify themselves as a businessman. They usually only have very vague ideas of what their market is or could be. In most cases artists have to market themselves - which is often seen as a nuisance by them and proves to be difficult under the aforementioned conditions.
But it doesn’t have to be so! Use your creativity not only for designing and painting but also for your marketing strategies! This seminar will try to install the ability in you to combine all your strengths and abilities into a personal “mission statement” for your business! We will systematically work through the four marketing strategies (the four Ps : product, price, promotion and place) and we will show you how these four are to be combined with your profession as a mural painted, artist, creative service provider etc.
Whether its pricing, buying motives, acquisition or PR - this entertaining seminar will give you heaps of ideas and impulses and will help you to find your way through the jungle of marketing strategies, and help you develop your own “marketing mix”.
This seminar is exclusive to participants and students of the academy for mural painting.
Led by: Martin Benad

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