Farbe mobil® at the office

Individual workspaces

Design the mood of your workplace exactly the way you want it.
- The owner of a creative agency near Frankfurt draws new inspiration on a daily basis from a 4 m long airy sky painting (left: installation at the agency, right: work in the studio)
- in the windowless conference room of a wholesale trader in Dornach, the “air” is finally clear thanks to our heavenly views.
- in the rather cold and subtle big room office at a Munich Lawpractice, our work “grounds” the workplace.
- This Dr. at the Bochum Hospital individualised her consultation room with a Flamenco-motif.
So what would you like?

Consultation rooms

Who likes looking at a white wall? Redesign your consultation rooms, so that the senses stay awake!
- work on future ideas with a good amount of foresight. The perspective representation of a baroque park area is included in a seemingly modern colourfield. For managers who think AND feel…
- Motif including mountains, radiating power and foresight, exactly what is needed for successful meetings.
- on the opposite wall of the same room there is a poetic forest motif. Depending on your seating position and which way you look, your mood will change! (The picture is a montage, since we left right after delivery of the paintings and couldn’t take any pictures of the installation.)

Our all time classic: A series of trees

With the “Baumserie” we created a classic, that promotes stimulation and power and natural health in an ideal way. The pictures show an IT-Teaching room and a meeting room at a bank in Munich.
The tree/park-motif can be derived in many ways. At least two green tones (one contains more blue, the other more yellow) and at least one red tone (intensified through glazing techniques, but not too far) has proved to be the right combination many a time.