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Sky and Sea

Perfectly depict the dynamics between clouds and waves

Seminar description
The sky usually takes up a lot of room in mural paintings and influences the atmosphere greatly. Painted sky can make a room seem a lot bigger than it actually is.
Furthermore especially depictions of the sea are a very popular choice for wellness and spa areas as well as bathrooms. It is possible to achieve impressive results here without being an immensely gifted painter!
Ursula Benad will vividly show you how to paint both sea and sky with the help of clever, relatively simple painting techniques, so that an illusionistic effect comes to life.
Apart from step by step instructions on how to depict the themes (including a breaking wave with surf and spray), you will receive explanatory notes about the used material, tools, auxiliaries, different light moods and cloud formations.

Every participant will paint a 1,8 sqm. large painting on canvas, with a cloudy sky, the sea, billows and beach. After the seminar the painting can be taken home in the form of a scroll (Length: 1m Diameter: 8-10cm).
All material and tools will be provided in good quality and quantity.
It is not necessary to bring your own tools, we do however recommend bringing an apron or something of the kind.

Conditions for taking part in the seminar
The seminar “Sky and Sea” introduces painting techniques, which help the painter achieve good results without any necessary specific talent / prior artistic training - which shouldn’t stop artists from taking part in the seminar. The large format painting created by each participant, is not only a memory and reference for what is taught in the seminar, but also an exemplary object to show to potential customers.

Cost: 330,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=62,70 €), totalling: 392,70 €
in bulk 10%:  297 € + VAT. (56,43) = 353,43 €
in bulk 20%: 264 € + VAT. (50,16) = 314,16 €

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