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Small paintings - Big effect

Painted or real?
Optical illusions with colour and paintbrush

A butterfly has landed on a freshly painted wall. Ivy climbs upwards, a little monkey sits on a doorframe, and the plaster falls of the wall in places and reveals the red bricks lying behind it..To transfer such miniature works of art, with whit and humour, onto a wall, adds a little something to the room, leaving a pleasant impression on the customer.

The best thing is: Many motifs are suitable to be painted on canvas, then cut out and later fixated on the wall at home with adhesive foil - we will show you how to proceed in creating your own original piece of art as a “wall-tattoo”.

  • Learning several painting techniques (also suitable for novices)
  • Templates for different topics
  • We will provide different motifs from which you will choose, e.g.
  • Small animals such as butterflies or lizards
  • or larger animals like apes or parrot
  • Ivy or vine leaves
  • Brick-wall with plaster falling off
  • a crumpled piece of paper, attached to the wall with an adhesive strip, to be used as a note


Cost: 330,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=62,70 €), totalling: 392,70 €
in bulk 10%
:  297 € + VAT. (56,43) = 353,43 €
in bulk 20%
: 264 € + VAT. (50,16) = 314,16 €

Date: planned for 2019

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