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So why us?

If you are reading this, you have probably spent quite some time on our website already and you may have directed your attention to a few things you would personally regard as positive. For example that we are very versatile in our work and have plenty of ideas. Or that our customers don’t usually look for cliché solutions, but rather very individual ones. Maybe, in the face of the multitude of all our projects, you perceive us as very busy - all that is true!
At no other place therefore, have you been able to read the following sentence:

Without the absolute permission from the client, we have never left a work site.

We know that the whole process of creating an individual painting for someone’s home is very intimate and special. After all, such a painting will be present in someone’s home for years, even decades. Every client therefore deserves the possibility to give his “absolute consent” to the commissioned work. Everything else would be a disappointment.

We give you space to breathe.
Our pictures are created through a glazing painting style, with several layers. The characteristic style is very light, and the colourfulness is nuanced and light. Our pictures therefore seem very “open” to light, almost translucent. At the same time we define the contents of the picture in a very precise manner and leave nothing to chance. The presentation is very precise but not stiff, concrete but not constricting. We want to improve the space through our work - not constrict it. We add another dimension to the space, and regardless of all its brilliance, sometimes a painting must have the ability to be just in the background, not too imposing. That is our real skill!
For more striking and stylised pictures other studios may be more well suited than ours. Before we start painting such things as comic figures into your children's bedrooms (and thereby also commit copyright infringement  ), we prefer to go into an open exchange with you about pedagogical and stylistic questions and issues.

We are artists, but perhaps not in the modern sense.

Actually, we are more service providers. Our goal is, that you as a client, get exactly the painting you want, which matches your wishes and the space, or the use of that space. We work on a creative basis and our perception of things is rather artistic. Of course we are also able to use professional painting techniques. But our work is not about self-realisation and the desire to leave our own mark on things. Our work is not meant to provoke, it is meant to please. Of course this is not meant to say we are submissive to no end. If you ask us to paint something containing things we don’t feel are right, or to use a style we don’t feel comfortable with, we will distance ourselves.

We are neither the cheapest nor the best.

After all, no one can claim to be the best without losing credibility. We do not wish to lead the charge of those being ever so cheap, because if that was the case, you would not be able to look at the beautiful website you are currently exploring. We are unable to fulfil all and every expectation, and we don’t strive to do so. After all, the “chemistry” between all parties involved must be right.
That is a real argument, and you should get to know our philosophy better, by getting to know us better!
We look forward to it!