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Be part of it!

Take part - or maybe next year? Or maybe try a single seminar first ?
Some people make decisions within a matter of seconds. Others decide carefully and talk to family and friends first. You are more than welcome to have a chat with us (Ursula and Martin Benad) too! There are no “stupid questions”, and don’t be afraid to call several times or to simply drop by our studio and talk to us in person! And if you book “Sky and Sea” or “Tuscan Landscapes” as individual seminars, you will not have to complete them again as part of the 4 semester course (but you are given the option to do them again at a reduced price). Additionally you will get to know other participants if you take part in a seminar and you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts with them too.



Registration form 2016

If you can’t wait to take part - then click the picture on the side and download the registration form as a pdf, complete it, and send it to

Akademie für Wandmalerei
Atelier Benad GbR
Wörthstraße 22
81667 München
Deutschland / Germany

See you in Munich!