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Individual classes / small classes

We increasingly receive requests whether individual lectures with either Ursula or Martin Benad are a possibility. We offer the following options:
You may book one day (7 hours in total) in the studio, during which you will work on your own project under the supervision of either Ursula or Martin Benad, who will assist you during the whole time with instructions.

How much are individual classes?
1 Day (7 Hours) including colours and tools: 420,- € plus. 19% VAT., totalling 499,80 €
2 Days (consecutively): 770,- € plus. 19% VAT., totalling 916,30 €
3 Days (consecutively): 1.050,- € plus. 19% VAT., totalling 1249,50 €

You may also register in pairs. The prices are as follows:
1 Tag (7 Hours, 2 people): 630,- € plus. 19% VAT., totalling 749,70 €
2 days (consecutively, 2 people): 1.190,- € plus. 19% VAT., totalling 1.416,10 €
3 days (consecutively, 2 people): 1.680,- € plus. 19% VAT., totalling 1.999,20 €

Prices would be even lower per person if three people register at once. Prices for this upon request.

Material cost : Colours and tools for the classes will be provided and are included in the price. Painting surfaces such as primed sample plates, canvases, fleece wallpaper or wedge frames will be paid for by the participants according to individual usage. if you have any questions please send us an eMail: (atelier[at]benad.com) or give us a call: +49 (0)89 4895 1312.