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Ceiling sky with clouds and birds

This is how you magically enlarge ceilings and rooms.

Learn the essentials to enlarge your room by painting a bright summer sky:

  • The composition and form of clouds,
  • an extensive application of colours in several layers using glazing technique, with the layers deepening continuously,
  • taking into account the position of the sun, the distribution of light and shade and a soft transition between different shades of blue,
  • an underneath perspective of birds and branches

Cost (2017/2018): 165,- €, +. 19% VAT. (= 31,35 €), totalling: 196,35 €
in bulk 10%:  148,5 € + VAT. (28,22) = 176,72 €
in bulk 20%: 132 € + VAT. (25,08) = 157,08 €
Special price for members of "Akademie für Wandmalerei" and alumni: 129,- € + 19% VAT, totalling 153,51 (not eligible for further discount)

The effect of such ceilings is magnificent: large rooms seem even bigger whilst low rooms (for example basement rooms with low ceilings) can be freed of the seemingly oppressing ceiling.

The circular painting which you will create as a practise piece in the seminar has a diameter of 1,6m) and can be wallpapered as your own small ceiling sky. We will give you valuable information on how to do this, too!

Seminar times
9.30 hrs - 17.30 hrs
Lunch ca. 12.30 - 13.45 hrs

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