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Pictures of Angels - paint and behold

Seminar topic

The impression angels make - as messengers of god - has changed in the course of time. Every era brings forward new opinions and pictures. We observe paintings of angels stemming from Byzantine art, Gothic, and Renaissance, of the Baroque epoch and Classicism up until modernity. Selected points in time will be painted by us and turned into our own work of art! The intention is not to create perfect copies but to capture the soul that is connected with the different styles and which we wish to sense in our own way.

If you like, you are free to design our own angel painting at the end of the seminar. Ursula Benad who will lead the seminar, will provide several excellent blueprints and give advice on how to coordinate the colour atmosphere and what painting techniques to use. In this way every participant takes home with them not only thought provoking ideas but also their own painting of an angel, to which he or she will have a special connection.

All material and tools will be provided in good quality and quantity.
It is not necessary to bring your own tools, we do however recommend bringing an apron or something of the kind, that can take a splash of colour here and there without causing harm.

Cost: 330,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=62,70 €), totalling: 392,70 €in bulk 10%:  297 € + VAT. (56,43) = 353,43 €in bulk 20%: 264 € + VAT. (50,16) = 314,16 €

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