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Drapes - transparency and opulence

Sculptures from flowing fabric - deceivingly real!

In the field of illusionistic wallpainting drapes are the brink between inside space and outside space. Either as heavy drapes or transparent curtains, or as opulently draped fabric or faded marquees, they frame windows and doors.

In comparison to architecture with their hard, clear borders, drapes convey an element of softness and arbitration. Every drape is one of a kind, since the fabric will never fall in the same way twice.

The seminar will teach you how to present white, transparent fabric on a grey base. With the use of a semi-lazing painting technique you will achieve a fantastic result using relatively simple means.

The second project you will be working on during the seminar is a soft, slightly resting curtain (either unicoloured or stripy), made from a flowing, heavy material. Its artistic attraction comes from the unpredictable play between the creases, which can take several different forms, sizes and directions. By using a special painting technique in which we rework acrylic colours with water-based crayons using a shading technique, we let the two dimensional sketch become a three dimension relief. The whole painting becomes deceivingly real, once we enhance the light-dark contrast step by step, variate the colour saturation in the light-shade areas and differentiate between hard and soft transitions.

By hanging up drapes together with us which can then be used as an example (as an alternative to a picture), we will train your observatory skills and you will learn what to watch out for when painting drapes. This will put you in the position to use individual examples for a variation of different drape paintings.

Similar to the seminar “Sky and Sea”, “Drapes/Creases” teaches you different painting techniques, which enable you to achieve brilliant results without any special artistic ability. All material and tools will be provided (in good quality and quantity). We recommend wearing workwear (apron).

Cost (2017/2018): 330,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=62,70 €), totalling: 392,70 €
in bulk 10%:  297 € + VAT. (56,43) = 353,43 €
in bulk 20%: 264 € + VAT. (50,16) = 314,16 €

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Large patterned drapes

only for participants of the academy

For participants of the academy, following the drape seminar where you will be joined by external participants, there will be two exclusive days on the topic of damask drapes.
People are often in awe when they get the first glimpse of the homework that is to be completed for the according academy seminar, especially impressive is the effectiveness with which people use the taught techniques for their own individual representation of drapes.

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Damask drape (Academy)

Damask drape (Academy)

Academy homework

Academy homework