The academy for mural painting

- you have a talent for painting ?
- you wish you pursue you passion for painting further ?
- your friends and acquaintances encourage you, to be more active in pursuing that passion?
- you have painted a mural painting before but there are a few things you would like to learn “from the start” ?
Maybe mural painting is just the thing for you! Our academy for mural painting will be your chance!

Our academy for mural painting is a further training for people, who see a professional perspective in mural painting and would like to profit from being taught all the ins and outs of it by experienced teachers.
Led by Ursula Benad, the classes convey, in a very intense form, practical techniques and artistic ability on a professional level.
The aim of the training is, to give participants the ability to individually plan mural paintings and execute as well as market these.
The whole program contains 31 days of teaching split up into 9 seminars and one final week in the Benad Studio, which will be carried out over the course of 1 1/2 years.
In between the seminars the participants will carry out work at home, to solidify the knowledge attained during said seminars.

Everything you need to know about the academy

A website to give you an idea …

…can be found at In an easy manner we precent the several facets and aspects of the academy (in German language).

The academy-brochure contains all important information (with colour photos ).
Download the brochure as a pdf! (in German)
To order a printout of the brochure please use our contact form.