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Tuscan landscapes

Introduction into landscape painting using ideal tuscan motifs

- Travel - with your thoughts and feelings - to Tuscany, and express the wonderfully light filled atmosphere of the beautiful landscape in a painting.
- Learn how to organise the levels in your painting in such a way, that a plastic depth of space is created, and how you can improve that depth of space through light-dark effects as well as contrasts between warm and cold colours, hard and soft colours and other techniques.
- Use all principles of aerial perspectives, which we will vividly teach to you!
- Discover glazing painting techniques with acrylic paints and glaze medium, giving your painting the look of transparent ease, layer by layer.
- Learn how to mix a finely differentiated green colour palette for the different forms of vegetation both in close distance and far away, in light and shade.
- Get step by step instructions on how to paint the typical tuscan trees (cypresses and pines), and erect your own personal country estate on a picturesque hill.

For all those who have never been to Tuscany: We will provide pictures, depicting the most important aspects of the landscape and many characteristic details, proportions, forms of vegetation and typical architectural elements.
You decide, how someone looking at the picture should interpret it and have their perspective guided through the picture, so as that someone looking at the picture may feel the same emotions that you felt when painting it!

Cost (2017/2018): 495,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=94,05 €), totalling: 589,05 €
in bulk 10%: 445,50 € + VAT. (84,65) = 530,15 €
in bulk 20%: 396 € + VAT. (75,24) = 471,24 €

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