What is “good colour design”?

In no other area in terms of design are there as many uncertainties about what is “right” and “wrong” when it comes to colour, as there are in the are of designing modern architecture. What does “good colour design” look like and when did it go “wrong”?
At the German Version of our website you will find comments concerning different aspects of that question.

Comments on design theory

"organic chromaticity"

nach F. v. Garnier

Farbig statt bunt

hustle and bustle in a residential street

Brightness and Darkness

Let the sun shine!


ADAC Headquarter in Munich

Umfrage (2005)

Wie wirkt dieses Gebäude auf Sie?


Neue Farbigkeit f. neue Architektur (2005)

Digitaler Farbatlas

das Universalwerkzeug


Farbgestaltung am Computer

"Architekturfarben" - Theory of colour design following Friedrich Ernst v Garnier

In his book (in German language) Martin Benad disputes in detail the current situation of colour design and designs - interpreting the work of the colour designer Friedrich Ernst von Garnier - a general theory of architectural colour design.