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Farbe mobil® in the living area

Live in a representative and individual environment!

- the colour panels from the Flamenco-Series in this family’s dining room correspond with the interior and the floor. The series integrates well with the modern (cool) ambiance and at the same time puts through an impulsive emotionality.
- with the enlarged blossom motive, which inspired the Pink and Green colour tones for the adjacent colour panels, we create a trendy design highlight in this family’s living room.

stylistic diversity

- we created a Farbe mobil® series, which combines this family’s fondness of Tessin as well as the Aquarells by Herman Hesse, to fit into this living space within their home.
- we created the “Energiefeld” (Energyfield) for a customer who works as a psychotherapist. It gives off good “vibrations” to anyone looking at it.
- windows: This also rather abstract object was created by using a subtle glazing technique. It is installed on a wall behind a couch.

Motifs from all around the world

- This design in the living room of a marketing agent reminds the viewer of exotic plants. The style of the entire flat and the paintings correspond with each other in an ideal way.
- we painted this Farbe mobil® series for a lady who loves travelling to Mallorca. It depicts the temple of Son Marroig. The colours and the upholstery, again, correspond very well.
- “Langkofen and Plattkofel” (two peaks in the Italian dolomites, seen from the Seiser Alm plateau) are slowly becoming Farbe mobil® classics. The artistic implementation is not strictly naturalistic, but rather with alien colours and structures.