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In the Mountains

Snow covered mountains, rocky cliffs, gushing streams, dark mountain forests…

How can you convincingly paint rock-formations, mountain forests and rippling streams on canvas?
Learn different painting techniques for depicting nature themes to help you manage your next big project! We will use an alpine landscape composition in the format of 80cm x 80cm as an example.
We will provide a variety of composition examples, templates and details to be included in the painting, through the use of which you will create your own compositions under the supervision of Ursula Benad.

Cost: 330,- €, +. 19% VAT. (=62,70 €), totalling: 392,70 €
in bulk 10%:  297 € + VAT. (56,43) = 353,43€
in bulk 20%: 264 € + VAT. (50,16) = 314,16 €

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