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Interior colour design

Every person has some form of experience with colours and is an expert in his/her own way. We want to use this expertise and build opon it:

  • We will look at these experiences from the perspective of a professional designer,
  • intensively apply them in perception- and composition training
  • and then further apply them when solving practical design tasks.

This will create a productive exchange between delivering knowledge, discussing new experiences, goal orientated creativity and practical training.

The colourfulness of a room simulates the experience of the user, the mental state and the mood, as well as their readiness to act. In which way the stimulation is meant to take place is determined by the design motif.
When doing the technical elaboration one must pay special attention to colour families, intensity of colour, brightness, grey tones, contrasts, location, surface size, proportions and  materiality and the combination with all other elements int he room. And of course the expectations and needs of the eventual users of the room!

  • What is the design meant to do for the user or the home owner?
  • What exactly is my job in terms of design?
  • How should I proceed to find solutions for the task given to me?
  • What empirical research and experience should I include?
  • How do I handle the emotional and psychodynamic colour effect?
  • How do I include colour semantics?
  • What role does my artistic intuition play in reaching my goals?

Cost: 360,- € (2 days a 180,- €) + 19% MWSt. (68,40 €), totalled: 428,40 €
in bulk 10%:  324 € + VAT (61,56) = 385,56 €
in bulk 10%: 288 € + VAT (54,72) = 342,72 €

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