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Farbe mobil® in the catering industry

Hotel hall

The 5 story high lobby in the Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt/Oberursel received around 50 red glazing plates, partially with gold-coloured company logos. The changing red colour tones (we mixed about 10 nuances), playfully surround the CI colours, making the red seem vivid and interesting instead of monotone.


This red eye catcher conveys much more than the painting of a drape. The 6 square metre large painting references the stage curtains of the Parisian Opera Garnier, and lends the restaurant a theatrical style element. The red colour stirs emotions and creates a festive atmosphere, but as a mobile painting in front of the white wall it seems more disciplined and doesn’t seem too aggressive towards anyone.

Dining room

For the VIP-Dining room in the CEO area of a bank we designed - in correspondence with the architectural elements of the interior - several motifs in powerful green, that exude an equally cultivated as well as natural air.