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Monochrome painting

Monochrome painting goes beyond pure grey tone painting. While we only show the plastic relief of a monotone surface with grey tone painting, we use monochrome painting to display colourful themes. The colourfulness of these themes however is reduced to the colour tones of one particular colour family. In a sense, Monochrome Painting is a kind of “coloured Black - White photography”. This is why, most of the time, the topic of the individual painting is not only a relief, but a deep, three-dimensional space.

While the monochrome landscape painting in the staircase of this mansion was always going to be in red chalk and sepia colours (upper picture series), we later lazed colours representative of the countryside onto the grey tone colours, in which the ruins depicted in the painting, were kept. We included green-, brown and blue colours (third row of pictures). The statue park (inspired by Cour Marly at the Louvre in Paris, second row of pictures on the right ), combines the plastic tone in tone depiction of the uniformly coloured statues with the delicate polychromy of a landscape view.

With the help of monochrome painting furniture can be reinterpreted in a fantastic way!