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Spatula techniques

Sa/Su, 16./17. Feb. 2013

470, - € plus 19% VAT (= € 89.30) Total: € 559.30

This seminar is held in German. For application please visit the German site.

Theoretical foundations and practical design of a sophisticated collection of pattern-plates:

  • Stucco lustro spot spatula technique
  • Gold spatula (metal-effect)
  • Marmorino
  • Relief technique
  • Marble Imitation (lime-smoothing technique)
  • Tips and Tricks: soap-glaze, wax finish
  • Materials and tools science

Seminar Description
In this seminar, headed by Martin Benad and Peter Ziegler, 6 unusual pattern plates (60 cm x 60 cm) are produced, covering the whole range of decorative spatula techniques. 
Main topic are the lime techniques:

  1. Stucco lustro in spot-spatula technique with a plastic-coated material shows clear traces of tools and is the epitome of what is commonly meant with spatula technique
  2. A second, more elaborate plate is coated with Stucco lustro spot-spatula technique, followed by 1 to 2 layers of gold wax. We will show you which materials in various combination provide the best results, unmarked, yet with a golden sheen! 
  3. These days, lime plaster techniques are much sought after, where  traces of the processing tools are hardly seen. In the seminar a Marmorino panel is created ("Composite spatula technique"), with a semi gloss, iridescent surface.
  4. Another plate, with a lime-based base coat, is glazed with colored soap. The combining of lime-spatula and glazing techniques enables huge freedom of design.
  5. With an easy-to-manufacturing lime putty, a decorative pattern area with marble-look is created.
  6. Studio Benad developed for the Neue Messe in Munich the technique "antique and avant-garde", by using impasto brush-on-plaster. This technique convinces by striking relief effects, which - combined with multi-layered glazes and intermediate sanding - create a modern but very sensual surface. 

The seminar is organized by Peter Ziegler, Gross Gerau, and Martin Benad. Peter Ziegler is one of the most profound specialists in the field of lime-spatula technique. He gained experience with almost all relevant products on many thousands of square meters and is happy to share his knowledge: the right coating system, tools science, proper handling of various spatulas, instructions for creating a surface finish, products and sources.

The seminar is the ideal training for painting contractors who want to make their employees fit for spatula technique, seek to interact with others and want to learn various tricks. But even newcomers who just discovered the spatula techniques and look for vendor-independent guidance and information, get a comprehensive introduction. 

All materials and tools are provided in good quality and sufficient quantity. It is not necessary to bring your own tools. Working clothes are recommended (overalls or smocks and work pants and work boots), which also tolerates strong stains.

Condition of participation
We have no entry requirements. The seminar presents correct techniques for different spatula techniques, performed with various binder systems. It imparts an excellent and professional introduction into the big issue "decorative spatula techniques". It is true for every seminar: who really intents to get knowledge of something, has to continue of his own accord. Therefore, we recommend to work on a wall at home or in your store so you will not forget what you learned about spatula technique and to get some practice.

Workshop times
"Spatula techniques" is held over two days 
1st day: 9.30 am - 5 pm
2nd day: 9 am – 5 pm
Lunchtime: approx. 12.30 – 13.45